Turbo Yeast – A Guide

Turbo Yeast – A Guide

Turbo Yeast was invented and brought to market by SPL International founder, Philip Jones, over 20 years ago and is increasingly used by alcoholic drinks producers around the globe.

However, with so many yeast products available on the market it can often be misunderstood what these are, how they’re used and their benefits over other fermentation options. To help clarify these points, we’ve pulled together a brief guide answering some of the FAQ’s.

What is a Turbo Yeast?

Turbo Yeasts are active dried yeast strains, derived from brewers, distillers and wine makers’ yeasts, that are combined with nutrition complexes specially formulated for various fermentation conditions and alcohol product outputs.

Combining yeast and nutrition into one product means no need for separate formulations, providing added convenience when dosing.

What makes SPL Turbo Yeasts unique?

The areas our Turbo Yeasts excel over competitor products are in fermentation speed, temperature tolerance, consistency, alcohol purity and yield. The yeast strains used in each Turbo Yeast are key to this; they have been specifically selected by SPL, isolated and dried to our specifications. This ensures not only that they are highly viable but that they are perfectly suited to our unique complex nutritional formulations. With some of our Turbo Yeasts containing up to 28 different nutritional elements that help the yeast withstand various stress factors, maintain healthy pH and perform optimally throughout fermentation.

In addition to the superior raw materials our BRC Grade AA manufacturing facility ensures product handling and packaging processes that respect the product nature – minimising heat and oxygen exposure throughout. Our quality assurance team performs rigorous testing procedures that ensure batch to batch consistency of product and total traceability.

What raw materials/sugar substrates do they ferment?

Our best selling Turbo Yeast products TY48® and TY24 are generally used by customers to ferment low nutrition substrates such as sucrose and dextrose, though within our range we have products suited to fermenting potato, molasses, grain, various fruits and other sugar substrates.

Your choice of turbo is largely dependent on your fermentation substrate and finished drink output. Have a look at our complete range here, or speak to a member of our Sales Team if you need any advice as to the best product for your application.

What drinks applications can they used for?

The core Turbo Yeast products mentioned above are predominantly used to create a high alcohol neutral wash that can be flavoured to make liqueurs, diluted and flavoured to produce a variety of RTD products (flavoured malt beverages, hard sodas, pre mixed cocktails and more) or distilled and flavoured for spirit making applications. We have several specialist spirit making Turbo Yeast products for whiskey, rum, vodka and gin making that can be viewed here.

Why is it beneficial to use Turbo Yeast over GNS?

Where a neutral alcoholic base is required, some alcoholic drinks producers choose to buy grain neutral spirit (GNS). The benefits of using Turbo Yeast over buying GNS include cost – making your own alcobase is more cost effective than buying it readymade, and territory dependant there are significant savings on taxation and import duties.

Also when it comes to quality, the alcohol produced using a Turbo Yeast such as TY48® is notable in your end drink having a more natural, smooth, fuller flavour than if GNS is used. It also gives producers greater peace of mind, with the knowledge and control of the complete production process.

What are the packaging options?

We have the facilities to pack Turbo Yeasts in a wide variety of weights and sizes to fit your production volumes. Ranging from sachets as small as 5 grams to bulk volumes in 360 kilograms flight sacks, and plenty of options in between – no matter what your fermentation requirements, we’re confident we have a suitable product available for you.

To discuss the options available, or for any further technical information on any of our Turbo Yeasts in the range, please click below or call +44 (0)151 356 5985 and our team will be on hand to help with your enquiry.

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