Established in 1992, SPL International have been entrusted by the world’s leading brewers, distillers and alcoholic beverage manufacturers to develop and supply products for over 25 years.

Welcome to SPL International

SPL International was set up by Philip Jones to supply knowledge, products and ingredients into the alcoholic drinks industries.

Now operating as part of bevie and based in a custom build 56,000 sq ft development and manufacturing site in the North West of England, SPL International are a globally recognised benchmark for product quality in the alcoholic drinks industries.

We pride ourselves on being able to help customers create the alcoholic beverages they envisage. With an inherent focus on cutting edge R&D and a commitment to in-house manufacture, state of the art laboratory facilities and machinery; SPL have gained international acclaim scooping numerous innovation awards worldwide for our ingredients and products.


In-house research and development facilities
BRC AA rated manufacturing facility, achieving the highest quality assurance standards
Experienced in-house technical support team
Various packaging sizes and formats to suit your needs

TY48 ® – SPL’s High Alcohol Turbo Yeast

“SPL’s TY48 product has allowed us to produce high quality alcohol in shorter fermentation times, this means we’re getting more yield from our fermenters, saving us time and money.”

Tom Jones, Halewood International

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TY96 Vodka Turbo Yeast – FAQ’s

TY96 has been designed specifically for the production of high purity vodka spirit. Developed on-site in our state of the art laboratory, TY96 comprises a specialist active dried vodka distiller’s yeast, blended with a complete nutrient complex which allows the...

Gin – 5 Future Trends

In Britain we bought a record 40 million bottles of gin in 2016, with sales in pubs, bars and restaurants growing by almost a fifth, more than any other spirit. Supermarket sales are also up by more than 13%. However, the trend isn’t just limited to the UK,...

A guide to SPL’s High Alcohol ‘Turbo Yeast’ products

All you need to know about one of SPL’s best selling product groups.


SPL Turbo Yeasts

  • TY48 High Alcohol Yeast
  • TY24 Fast Fermenting Yeast
  • TY00 High Purity Yeast
  • TY-FR1 Fruit Fermentation Yeast
  • TT (Temperature Tolerant) Yeast

SPL Distillers Yeasts

  • Vodka Distillers Yeast
  • Rum Distillers Yeast
  • Whisky Distillers Yeast
  • Gin Distillers Yeast

SPL Nutrition Products

  • All Purpose Complete Nutrient
  • Trace Nutrient
  • Complete Wine Nutrient
  • Complete Cider Nutrient
  • Diamonium Phosphate
  • Urea

SPL Clarification and Fining Aids

  • Vego-Fine
  • Activated Carbons
  • Sodium Bentonite
  • Chitosan
  • Keiselsol